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address: tongfuyu industrial zone,shajing town,baoan distric,shenzhen,china.e-mail: v-solt[email protected] :0086 755 61517028contact: mr.xu (18688835750)

high-speed radial inserting machine

speed 28000pcs/h
insert direction 0-360°
lead span double-spacing2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm(nonstandard can be customized)
non-performing rate    less than 300ppm
pcb size (min)50mm*50mm,(max)450mm*450mm
pcb thickness 0.79-2.36mm
lead elbow angle 1.0-2.0mmadjustable
lead cut angle 10-35°
components density high density
air pressure 0.5mpa-0.8mpa/0.3³/min
data transfer usb input 
drogramme method/component hole correcting visual in-line programme/machine visual system,multi-points visual correcting
driving system gernany beckhoff system  schneider motor panasonic motor
controlling system via ether cat connection
working power 7.2kw(energy-saving)
components specifications maximum height of 23mm,maximum diameter of 13mm
components type capacitor,transistor,triode,led lights key switch,resistor.connectors,wire,potentionmeters,fuse blocks,fuse and other vertical tape packaging materiale
pcb transfer mode  manual/automatic optional
power supply 380v3 phaseac,50/60hz
machine size(l×w×h) 3300×2200×1750mm(20 stations
pcb transport mode  left to right, right to left(optional)
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