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1.      double-rack gear system ensures the parallelism of the conveying rails.

2.      high quality wear-resistant and anti-static belts, aluminium-made railsensure smooth tranship and steady conveying

3.      standard communication cable outlet can be transhipped with other equipments;

4.      standard lantern support (optional)and working platform,safe edges are made of aluminium or anti-static boards

5.      pcb width:            50~350mm

6.      pcb conveyor height:       900±20mm

7.      pcb conveyor direction:       l-r(r-loption)

8.      pcb conveyor speed:      0~10000mm/min

9.      power supply:                220v uniphase 50/60hz

10.  power consumption:           approx.80w

11.  dimensionl*w*h    the length of rail×724×910mm


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